Exploring Borneo Tropical Rainforest

The Tropical Rainforest is earth’s most complex biome in terms of both structure and species diversity. It occurs under optimal growing conditions: abundant precipitation and year round warmth. There is no annual rhythm to the forest; rather each species has evolved its own flowering and fruiting seasons. Sunlight is a major limiting factor. A variety of strategies have been successful in the struggle to reach light or to adapt to the low intensity of light beneath the canopy.

The Tropical Rainforest has always been one of the most mysterious and adventurous place to visit. Throughout the whole world, only a few tropical countries are lucky to have tropical rainforest with them, these are Amazon tropical rainforest, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia.

When travelling in the tropical rainforest, it’s adventurous and mysterious; we definitely want to think about our own safety. Amazon and Africa Tropical rainforest system are similar to the one in Malaysia and Indonesia, but for safety reasons, we always encourage visitors or tourists to visit the 3rd largest island in the world – Borneo.

What is in Borneo?
Sarawak in Borneo, the best place in the world for visitors or tourists to explore the wonderful Tropical Rainforest, you get to experience living inside the tropical rainforest, seeing Orang Utan, experience the local tribes and their local cultures and even to experience the tropical rainforest weather.

How to get to Sarawak, Borneo?
Sarawak is part of Malaysia. You can use any airlines to reach the 2nd largest airport in Asia – KLIA, and use either Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia to transit to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak.

How to get around Sarawak, Borneo?
One of the reasons to travel in Sarawak is because of their multi culture, majority of their populations speaks good English. They do have Taxi and public transport, or you can rent a car or even appoint Borneo Explorer Travel Agency to plan everything for you.

Is it safe?
Yes, Sarawak, Malaysia is safe enough for you and your loves one to travel. Remember to ask about the visas before entering the country, read more at the resource box below.

What is the exchange rate?
Currently the exchange rate is around USD 1 = RM 3.2. There are plenty of Banks and legal money changers around town.

How are the hotels and conditions?
Sarawak is one of the best developing states in Malaysia, they are the 2nd most tourists visited state as well. You get to see some big names like Hilton, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Somerset Gateway etc, they are all rated at 4 stars and above. You also get to enjoy local resorts which is not too far from Kuching at very reasonable price.

What are the attractions in Sarawak, Borneo?
Borneo Sarawak tropical rainforest – The most complex tropical rainforest in the world, very safe for travelers.

Mulu & Niah Cave – One of the world’s largest cave systems and one of the oldest known human burial sites in Southeast Asia.

Orangutan Sanctuarys – The orangutans are two species of great apes known for their intelligence, long arms and reddish-brown hair. They can only be found in Borneo Island and Semengok orangutan sanctuarys are the best place in Borneo to watch the semi-wild orangutans.

Bidayuh Longhouse tour – Take a visit to the local tribes, known as the Borneo head hunters, but they stop doing that decades ago, so don’t worry about them. Learn their cultural and how they live in the tropical rainforest for centuries.

Satang & Talang Island – Other than the tropical rainforest, Kuching is famous for the beaches, stay in one of the best resorts in Sarawak for a few days before ending the trip in Sarawak. Go explore the turtle conservation and hatchery area, this is one of a few places in the world that allow tourists to visit.

Sea Kayaking, diving or snorkeling – While staying at the resort, always remember to go for sea kayaking or diving. Borneo has always been one of the best place to dive in the world, no shark, warm water, it’s just perfect for a romantic, adventurous and mysterious trip.

Who’s suitable and is it expensive?
The living standard in Sarawak, Borneo is cheap. You only pay USD0.50 to get a 325 ml of Diet Coke, that’s how cheap it is. Anyone is suitable to explore the tropical rainforest in Sarawak. We use romantic, adventurous, mysterious, fun, relaxing to describe Sarawak, Borneo.

Always feel free to browse the link at resource box to see more photos of the tropical rainforest and Sarawak. Plan a trip there and experience the beautiful mysterious tropical rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Excursions!

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most unique and delicate ecosystems in the world. Its uniqueness and specialty make it quite popular among travelers around the world. You can come here and enjoy a lot in your most favorite destination. You will find dense vegetation here with a vast supply of oxygen throughout the levels of the forest. The Amazon River is situated in the center of the rainforest which spreads around in 4,080 mile long area. The river comprises of thousands of rare species of mammals, insects and birds. Interestingly, the river serves the interest of about 200,000 people of the South American origin. Thus, like a true mother, the Amazon is providing life to so many living organisms of the continent.

Tourism in the Amazon:

Over the last few decades, the Amazon tourism has changed a lot. With better facilities and more awareness, thousands of people are coming here every year. With better amenities, tourists are now reaching to far distances along with the forests region of this great river. Promoting ecotourism, many countries has constantly growing and evolving major industries in their boundaries. Also, seeing the current trends, betters tourism laws have been implemented that ultimately helping in generating funds to secure the future of so many rare species in the rainforest region. With so many modern facilities and convenience, travelers can actually make their bookings from their home via using the internet technology. Upon booking, they can choose their own class of service and pay accordingly.

Top 4 Travel Destinations in Central America

When it comes to the places that you can travel in Central America, there are a few places that come to mind fairly quickly. Here are a few other ideas that we came up with as to where you can go if you’re looking to check out a few of the more interesting areas in Panama. What are you interested in? That’s what we’ll be basing our next three entries on!

Nature- Darien’s Province

There are all sorts of wonderful sites in this little known area in Panama. If you’re looking for beautiful wildlife or are just out to catch a breath of fresh air, this is the absolutely perfect area for you! However, you will need to understand that the only way that you’re going to make it in is by plane and you’ll need to talk with a tour guide or tour group, as this area is extremely secluded and the chances of you going in and finding your way around is slim. So, contact a guide tour group beforehand or check it out online before you decide to go there. If you want to travel to Panama, don’t hesitate to check this out as well!

Big City- Panama City

There are three cities within this city, which includes Old Panama City, the Second Panama city, and the city that you currently know and love. This is the best of both worlds. You get to see the culture, the shopping that’s available, and you get to see both Latino culture and cultures from around the world come together in a giant melting pot of awesomeness. Not to mention that there are all sorts of hotels and other nice resorts here that you can visit if you’re looking for a place to stay!

Are you a Survivor?– Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands may sound familiar. They’re actually the location of the Survivor Panama edition. Not once, but twice has Survivor been filmed here. But, it already had quite a few perks. First and foremost, you could buy pearls here and still can to this day. You can also check out some of the absolutely beautiful wildlife that they have around as well. And, if you were ever concerned about the contestants on the show and whether or not they would die if they got hurt, don’t worry, they’re only less than thirty minutes away from Panama City by plane. Walking, however, would be a different story.

Rainforest- Panama Canal Rainforest

Ever wanted to see a rainforest? Wanted to walk through one? This is the best and closest that you’ll ever get to a rainforest, especially if you just want to through it in one trip. There are several things nearby, but not so much that you don’t get to enjoy the rainforest. It’s said you’ll see more nature in Panama’s little rainforest than you would in the huge Amazon in Brazil. There are plenty of tours in Panama that you can take if you’re looking to go check out the rainforest! Not to mention they don’t cost too much!