Rainforest Tours

You must have heard about the Amazon rainforest which covers a majority of the Amazon Basic of South America. This special piece of land mainly covers Brazil, the Peru, and a proportion of Ecuador and Bolivia. In addition, other South American Countries are also included in this rainforest area.

Being the richest ecosystem in the world, the Amazon Rainforest covers about 5% of the total surface of the Earth. Spread in a stretched area of about 7.8 million kilometers square, the region comprises of the Earth’s largest concentration of animals and plants. You will find some of the richest species of trees, insects, and animals here. Being a vital region for the health of the Earth, you will enjoy here a lot!

Unfortunately, the region is facing the highest rate of deforestation which has become an issue of great concern. Between the time periods from August 2003 to 2004, a large portion has been destroyed, it straight away mean losing rare species of both plants and animals. So, if you want to visit this natural marvel, you will get to see something that you haven’t experienced before. Enhance your understanding and knowledge about so many new things that you haven’t encountered in your life.

If you are thinking about a cool place for your upcoming holidays, visiting South America can be a truly cherishing experience. Apart from cherishing the Mother Nature’s true blessing, you will get to see so many new things that would be delightfully make your day. Comer to South America and be with the God’s own land!